Wade Baldwin IV

  • 6’4” Guard with insane 6’11” wingspan
  • 20 years old; played 2 years at Vanderbilt
  • Explosive athlete; uses burst and length to try to dunk over bigger defenders
  • Pushes ball in transition with intention to dunk/finish at the rim
  • Aggression + quick first step helps Wade beat his defender and get to the rim
  • Massive 61.4% Free Throw Rate (2nd Highest among guards drafted: 46.2%)
  • Solid 81.3% FT shooter when he gets there
  • 40.6% 3pt shooter on 3.1 attempts/game (43.9% on 2.8 attempts as Fr.)
  • Release isn’t very quick or high, but long arms help make shot difficult to block
  • Should translate to good shooter at next level
  • Doesn’t have a wide range of dribbling moves to beat his defender
  • Abuses larger defenders after PNR switch and gets to rim
  • Only finishes with right hand at the rim
  • Ability to hit open jump shots + quick first step could make Wade a nightmare in PNR if he improves his very low 43.7% 2pt
  • Fairly high 3.6 Turnovers/40
  • Has the tools, but needs to improve decision-making/ball-handling in half-court
  • Can sometimes get rattled by opponents
  • Possess size necessary to switch onto bigger wings for stints
  • 1.6 Steals/40, 0.4 Blocks/40 about average among guards scouted/drafted
  • Has potential defensively, but needs to make sure effort is always there
  • Played significantly better vs. weaker competition than ranked opponents


  • Not likely to be NBA starter on Day One
  • Has potential to be an above-average starting Point Guard
  • With his athleticism, could become solid defender
  • #2 Point Guard, #3 overall Guard in draft; should go 8-12 range

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