Tyler Ulis

  • Tiny Point Guard at 5’10” with 6’2” wingspan
  • 20 years old; played 2 years at Kentucky
  • Has great attitude/leadership abilities; voted top teammate at UK both seasons
  • Wants ball in his hands in important moments
  • SEC Defensive Player of the Year as So.
  • Played nearly 37 minutes/game, most as the team’s primary ball-handler
  • Very good in PNR; excellent decision-maker, uses screens well
  • 3.56:1 Assist/Turnover ratio over college career
  • Can use footwork/ball moves to create space for open jump shots
  • Fantastic passer, despite his small stature
  • 34.3% Assist% with just 11.4% TO%, both top-5 for guards scouted/drafted
  • Per/40 stats also among the best: 7.6 assists and 2.1 turnovers
  • 34.4% 3pt shooter on 4.6 attempts per game (42.9% on 2.1 attempts as freshman in smaller primary ball-handling role)
  • 85.6% FT shooter on 5.6 attempts per game
  • Good form on shot; should translate to next level, if he can continue to create the extra space needed to make up for his lack of height/length—a big “if”
  • Increased athleticism at next level might turn his “open looks” into blocks
  • Utilizes floaters well to avoid going at bigs at the rim
  • Good defensively in college, but will surely struggle against bigger guards in pros
  • Can’t contest shots, bigger guards can pass over the top
  • But moves his feet and stays in front of his man to make life difficult
  • 1.6 Steals/40
  • Can strip defenders and create steals in 1-on-1 defense
  • Small stature will make defending NBA players very, very difficult


  • Fantastic play-maker and leader
  • Has everything you want in a Point Guard, except size; would be top-3-6 pick, if only a few inches taller
  • Could become top-tier backup PG, with potential to be starting PG on good team
  • #3 Point Guard, #5 overall Guard; could go anywhere from 10-20 because of size

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