Patrick McCaw

  • 6’7” Shooting Guard with 6’10” wingspan
  • 20 years old; played 2 years at UNLV
  • Tall, long guard; needs to fill out frame, very lanky
  • With added strength, could play 3 at next level
  • Solid handle for a 2
  • 57.1% 2pt attempts ranks 1st among guards scouted/drafted
  • Buoyed by strong play in transition
  • 36.6% on 5.6 3pt attempts/game (36.8% on 4.8 attempts as Fr.)
  • 77.4% on 3.2 FT attempts/game
  • Sometimes forces shots
  • Will need to quicken release/decision-making speed on CNS to sustain 3pt%
  • Most shots at 3pt line or hoop; helps keep efficiency numbers high, but could develop midrange game
  • Not great in PNR yet; better suited as a 2 or a 3 than primary creator
  • Looks to shoot often in PNR
  • 2.4 Turnovers/40 ranks 4th among guards scouted/drafted in 1st Round
  • Low Free Throw Rate of 29.1%
  • Has athletic profile to be good defender, but needs more bulk to guard 3’s
  • Needs to focus more and stay in position, rather than gamble for steals
  • 2.9 Steals/40 ranks 2nd highest among guards scouted/drafted in 1st Round


  • Prototypical size/athleticism for Shooting Guard in current NBA
  • Ability to lock-in mentally will be his swing attribute; could lead him to be a great asset on a contender or gunning for points on a lottery team
  • #6 Shooting Guard, #9 overall Guard; could go anywhere from 15-28

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