Malik Beasley

  • 6’5” Shooting Guard with 6’7” wingspan
  • 19 years old; played 1 year at Florida State
  • Went from not highly-recruited HS player to potential lottery pick in 1 year
  • Athletic wing who flourishes in transition
  • Mostly straight-line drives; looks to dunk first
  • Has ability on CNS plays as well
  • 38.7% on 4.2 3pt attempts/game
  • 81.3% on 3.8 FT attempts/game
  • Doesn’t look to pass on drives
  • Doesn’t create plays for teammates
  • Only 9.8% Assist Rate, lowest among guards scouted/drafted
  • 2.0 Assists/40 also ranked lowest among guards scouted/drafted
  • Great hustle player
  • 7.1 Rebounds/40 ranks 4th among guards scouted/drafted
  • Will push ball in transition after defensive rebound
  • Can stay in front of Point Guards on defense, but needs to stay disciplined
  • Likes to make the big play: gambles for steals, falls for shot fakes, goes for big dunks, leaks out early for fast breaks


  • High energy player; best suited as bench scorer
  • Needs to really improve his passing and defense; still raw, good coach will help
  • With improvement, can be serviceable player in starting lineup for a good team
  • #7 Shooting Guard, #10 overall Guard; could go anywhere from 19-32

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