Malachi Richardson

  • Big Shooting Guard at 6’6” with a 7’0” wingspan
  • 20 years old; played 1 year at Syracuse
  • Old for freshman, took advantage of strong end of season/NCAA tourney play by entering 2016 Draft
  • Solid athlete; moves look smooth and coordinated, but won’t jump out of gym
  • 35.3% 3pt shooter on 6.1 attempts/game; upped to 41.5% on 5.9 attempts in conference play
  • Quick, high release coupled with massive length nearly impossible to defend
  • Nothing inside the arc: only 39.0% 2pt shooter for season, worst among guards scouted/drafted
  • Shot 22.5% on 2.8 mid-range attempts/game, often off the dribble and early in shot clock
  • Used his length to convert 47.1% at the rim
  • Very low 12.8% Assist%, ranks 4th worst among guards scouted/drafted
  • 6.9% Rebounding% very low for his size/length, especially playing back line in zone
  • Played lazy defense and took lots of plays off
  • By far lowest BPM among guards scouted/drafted at 3.0


  • Absolute project: has to improve to become 3-and-D guy, but with great 3pt% and length, has potential
  • Good coaching staff or dedicated D-League team could help him become NBA rotation player
  • #8 Shooting Guard, #14 overall Guard; likely drafted 32-45

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