Kris Dunn

  • 6’4” Point Guard with massive 6’10” wingspan
  • 22 years old; played 3 years at Providence (plus redshirt freshman year)
  • Torn labrum in right shoulder freshman year, and again sophomore year
  • No major injuries since then
  • 7.0 FTA/40, but only 69.3% career shooter (69.5% as Jr.)
  • 46.2% Free Throw Rate 2nd among guards scouted/drafted
  • Aggressive on fast break after rebounds
  • Very good athleticism
  • Good vision finding cutters/rollers/3pt shooters
  • 41.8% Assist% ranks 3rd highest among guards scouted/drafted
  • Possesses desired size for PG, uses it well vs. smaller opponents
  • Uses length well to finish at rim, where he shot 62.6%
  • Wants ball late in game
  • Has swagger/confidence that could help him become #1 option
  • Good at attacking bigger defenders after PNR switch
  • 18.8% TOV% highest among NCAA guards scouted/drafted
  • 54.1% TS% and 49.9% EFG towards bottom of guards drafted in 1st Round
  • Non-shooter early in NCAA career; shot 37.2% on 3.4 3pt attempts/game as Jr.
  • Confidence helps Dunn hit big shots after opponent makes big play
  • Desire to always beat his matchup can lead to him focused only on shutting down opposing PG, instead of playing great team defense
  • Poor FT shooter, but solid in-game jump shot; could go either way at next level
  • Shot mechanics seem pure
  • 3.0 steals/40 highest among guards scouted/drafted
  • Good athleticism/strength can help him become very good defender
  • Has size/strength to switch on to wings for stretches


  • Has skills to be starting NBA Point Guard from Day One
  • Could become significant contributor/top 2 offensive option on contender
  • Should be above-average defender
  • #1 Guard prospect in draft; shouldn’t fall out of Top 5

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