Jamal Murray

  • 6’4” Shooting Guard with 6’7” wingspan
  • 19 years old; played 1 year at Kentucky
  • Elite shooter
  • 40.8% on 7.7 3pt attempts/game
  • Improved to 44.4% 3pt shooter on 8.4 attempts/game in conference play; helped by change to playing more off-ball
  • Great at using screens off-ball; uses extra space to get open shot off quickly
  • Very aggressive scorer; will shoot early and often
  • Has tendency to shoot off-balance/force shots if game isn’t coming to him
  • Runs to 3pt line in transition, rather than hoop
  • Average athleticism; not the quickest first step, doesn’t play above rim
  • Creative finisher at the rim; uses reverses well to avoid shot blocker at rim
  • Willing to go left
  • Very low 28.3% FTR, 2nd lowest among guards drafted in 1st Round
  • 78.3% FT shooter once he gets to the line
  • Needs to improve passing accuracy/willingness after drives at next level
  • 12.1% Assist% 2nd lowest among guards scouted/drafted
  • Not a good defender, but can lock in from time-to-time if involved and playing well on the other end (a la Kyrie Irving)
  • 1.1 steals/40 worst among guards scouted/drafted
  • 0.3 blocks/40
  • Lacks quickness to guard 1’s and strength to guard 3’s at next level
  • Could have success guarding non-elite 2’s in NBA
  • Best suited to play off-ball, but can be secondary ball-handler in half-court
  • Needs to run PNR with good spacing to create for himself/others


  • 2nd best shooter in draft; when on, can quickly change game w/his scoring ability
  • Could become a 3rd option offensively on contender
  • Maxes out as average defender, at best
  • #1 Shooting Guard, #2 overall Guard in draft; likely 5-10 range

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