Gary Payton II

  • 6’3” Point Guard with 6’8” wingspan
  • 23 years old; played 2 years at Oregon State after 2 years at Salt Lake CC
  • Strong defensive player and great athlete
  • 2.9 Steals/40 ranks 2nd among guards scouted/drafted
  • 0.6 Blocks/40 ranks 3rd among guards scouted/drafted
  • 9.2 Rebounds/40 ranks 2nd among guards scouted/drafted
  • Ran PNR more in final year at OSU
  • Looks to pass or get to rim on PNR; avoids shooting; good vision
  • Just 31.4% 3pt shooter on 2.2 attempts/game and 64.2% on 3.8 FTs
  • Poor shooting form; slight hitch
  • Leads to defenders playing off him, going under every screen
  • Has good acceleration if opponents provide opening
  • Not going to beat many people off the dribble
  • Pushes ball in transition
  • Good finisher at the rim; shot 65% on 374 attempts over 2 years
  • Uses athleticism to score over larger defenders
  • 52.0% 2pt shooter on 11.0 attempts/game


  • Athletic, defensive-minded Point Guard
  • Won’t have much of a career without dramatic improvement to jump shot
  • Should get an opportunity due to defensive prowess, ability to score at rim, pass
  • #6 Point Guard, #13 overall Guard; should go 28-45

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