Denzel Valentine

  • 6’6” Shooting Guard with 6’11” wingspan
  • 22 years old; played 4 years at Michigan State
  • One of the best passers in the draft
  • High basketball IQ
  • Can be primary ball-handler for 2nd unit
  • Size and length helps him make on-target passes above the defenders and accurate cross-court passes
  • 9.4 Assists/40 ranked 2nd among guards scouted/drafted
  • Good in PNR; can pull-up, get into lane, or find open teammate
  • Willing passer if double-team comes
  • Lacks foot speed and ball skills necessary to beat most guards/quicker bigs off dribble
  • Doesn’t try to get to the rim to score; relies on jump shots + passing ability
  • Only posted 21.4% FT Rate, lowest among guards scouted/drafted
  • Great shooter, both spot-up and off dribble
  • 44.4% 3pt shooter on 7.5 attempts/game
  • 85.3% FT shooter on 3.1 attempts/game
  • Percentages combined with elite size should allow shooting to translate to NBA
  • 9.1 Rebounds/40 ranks 3rd among guards scouted/drafted (4th = only 7.1)
  • Pushes ball in transition after defensive rebounds
  • Not sure who he guards at the next level, will have to be hidden on defense
  • Doesn’t have the quickness necessary to keep up with most guards
  • Not great at navigating around screens


  • Great passer and shooter, but poor defensively
  • Probably maxes out on a good team as 3rd Guard, able to come off bench and play with either starter
  • #4 Shooting Guard, #7 overall Guard; low-ceiling, relatively high-floor: should go between 10-20

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