Demetrius Jackson

  • 6’2” Point Guard with 6’6” wingspan
  • 21 years old; played 3 years at Notre Dame
  • Good athlete, strong frame
  • Ran PNR often in college, and successfully
  • Good, accurate passer
  • Willing to attack; can drive both left and right
  • Sometimes can’t find teammates/connect on passes over larger defenders
  • Low 2.4 Turnovers/40
  • Uses eurosteps/high release on lay-ups to negate height and finish at rim
  • Converted 61.7% of shots at the rim
  • Stays composed and maintains form on pull-ups
  • Only 33.1% 3pt shooter on 4.7 attempts/game; down significantly from previous years (42.9% on 3.3 attempts as So. 41.7% on 2.0 attempts as Fr.)= 38.1% career
  • Dip likely caused/aided by loss of Jerian Grant opening up good 3pt looks
  • 81.3% FT shooter on 4.0 attempts/game shows potential for positive regression on 3pt% in smaller role
  • Needs to up defensive effort, improve stance
  • Could become serviceable defender against smaller—average-sized point guards
  • 5.6% Rebound% ranked 3rd worst among guards scouted/drafted


  • Sometimes too passive; could be good fit with ball-dominant 2’s as successful secondary PNR ball-handler/spot-up shooter
  • Could become good starting Point Guard, likely becomes 3rd guard to play with either starter
  • #5 Point Guard, #12 overall Guard; should go in 18-30 range

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