Dejounte Murray

  • 6’5” Point Guard with 6’10” wingspan
  • 19 years old; played 1 year at Washington
  • Fantastic athlete; elite speed, quickness, leaping ability
  • Needs to improve actual basketball skills
  • More of a combo guard than true point guard
  • High 3.9 Turnovers/40, ranks 3rd—behind only higher usage players Kris Dunn and Isaiah Whitehead—among guards scouted/drafted
  • Very aggressive; looks to score, but just isn’t a good finisher yet
  • Has nice moves that shows potential is there, but needs to be reigned in a little
  • Tries to do too much
  • 48.5% TS%, 45.1% eFG both rank last in guards scouted/drafted 1st Round
  • Only 28.8% 3pt shooter on 3.5 attempts/game
  • Defenders play off of him because they know he can’t shoot
  • 66.3% FT shooter on 4.9 attempts/game
  • Poor percentages, but form isn’t broken; good shooting coach could make his career
  • Solid defender, with reasonable instincts and form
  • Good 2.2 Steals/40 and 0.4 Blocks/40
  • Will likely top out as “serviceable” on the defensive end, best case scenario
  • 7.1 Rebounds/40 ranks 3rd among guards scouted/drafted in 1st Round


  • Has the tools, but is a project until he can put it all together
  • Could be career D-Leaguer or starter in the NBA
  • Reasonable ceiling: gunner off the bench, potential perennial 6MOY candidate
  • #4 Point Guard, #11 overall guard; could go from 18-40

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