Caris LeVert

  • 6’7” Shooting Guard with 6’10” wingspan
  • 21 years old; played 4 years at Michigan
  • Had season-ending left foot injury as Jr. after just 18 games
  • Had season-ending left leg injury as Sr. after just 15 games
  • Great size/length for a Guard
  • 44.6% 3pt shooter on 4.3 attempts/game (40.1% on 334 career attempts)
  • 79.4% FT shooter on 4.5 attempts/game (77.0% on 265 career attempts)
  • Length helps him get shots off over smaller defenders
  • Avoids contact at rim; chooses to pull-up/use floater instead of attack bigs
  • Not an explosive athlete
  • 33.3% Assist%, 6.4 Assists/40 both above average for guards scouted/drafted
  • Only 2.2 Turnovers/40
  • Moves reasonably well defensively; can help him stay in front of smaller, quicker ball-handlers
  • Will need to bulk up to match up against 3’s at the next level
  • 6.9 Rebounds/40
  • All comparison stats must be taken with a grain of salt: LeVert only played 2 Big Ten games; most games came against lower-level non-conference opponents


  • Has size to play 1-3 offensively; projects best as combo guard with ability to pass/shoot over defense
  • If healthy, could develop into decent role player on a good team
  • #10 Shooting Guard, #16 overall Guard; probably 2nd Round pick due to foot issues: draft range between 31-undrafted

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