Buddy Hield

  • 6’5” Shooting Guard with 6’9” wingspan
  • 22 years old; played 4 years at Oklahoma
  • Has shown good growth nearly every year in college
  • Elite shooter; very efficient scorer
  • Shot 45.7% on astounding 8.7 3pt attempts/game as a senior
  • 88.0% FT shooter on 5.4 attempts/game
  • 66.5% TS%, 62.3% eFG%, both tops among guards scouted/drafted
  • Shooting will have no trouble translating to next level; already surprising if open CNS misses
  • Good at mid-range pull-ups and step-back 3pt off dribble
  • Efficiency could improve even more when he adopts a more complementary role in NBA (30.2% Usage Rate Sr. year)
  • Not great as play-maker in PNR; can score for himself, not others
  • 12.7 Assist% 3rd lowest among guards scouted/drafted
  • 3.5 Turnovers/40 compared to only 2.3 Assists/40
  • Knows his strengths in transition: runs to rim with ball, runs to 3pt line without
  • Good transition player helps keep usage and efficiency high
  • Average-to-Below-Average athleticism
  • Can be gameplanned against and taken out of games by use of double-team (as seen in the Final Four vs. Villanova)
  • Uses pull-ups/reverse lay-ups to avoid confronting bigs at the rim
  • Below average defender, but has the tools and work ethic to improve
  • Doesn’t have quickness to guard 1’s, probably lacks size to guard most 3’s
  • Could also add better ball-handling and/or passing to his game over time


  • Will find role in NBA because of shooting ability
  • Without improvement to defense or play-making, might max out at elite bench scorer or purely spot-up shooter who needs to be hidden on defense
  • Late 1st Rounder if shooting ability was merely “Above-Average”
  • #3 Shooting Guard, #6 overall Guard; could go from 5-12

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