Tayshaun Prince Returns to Detroit

BOSTON receives: Gigi Datome, Jonas Jerebko
DETROIT receives: Tayshaun Prince

Two teams that were focused on much bigger deals on Thursday teamed up to exchange some spare parts between phone calls, as Danny Ainge supplies a homecoming service to all involved in the final year of their contracts. Not only does he send Prince back to where his professional career started, he brings Datome and Jerebko each about 700 miles closer to their native lands. While Jerebko brings some spacing to the power forward position (36.8% on 1.3 three-pointer attempts/game), I believe this trade was primarily made to bring Datome to Maine and improve the first place Red Claws’ chance at the D-League championship. Bravo, Ainge. Very sneaky: A

SVG brought Tayshaun Prince back to the Pistons to remind the good folks in Detroit that championships are in fact a real thing outside of video games, who actually played somewhat decent in his stint in Boston and might provide some defense on the wing during their playoff push: B

**All stats/salary/research from Basketball-Reference.com, unless otherwise noted**


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