Sacramento Brings in Additional Assistant Coach

WASHINGTON receives: Ramon Sessions
SACRAMENTO receives: Andre Miller

As we move on to the more irrelevant trade deadline moves, two teams with barely more combined wins than the Warriors exchanged backup point guards on Thursday! George Karl has always been a fan of Andre Miller. He sees him as a Hall of Famer and a top-5 passer of all-time. While those are lofty praises, the Professor is on an expiring contract and will likely serve as a player-coach for the remainder of the season before officially putting on the suit on an NBA sideline. With the Kings going nowhere this season, bringing in veteran leadership could help their immature, often unsettled superstar gain some peace and think about staying the the purple and black for the long-term. While Andre Miller’s $4.6m deal is ludicrous, it does allow Sacramento to avoid paying Sessions $2.2m next season. A couple extra bucks is worth it to throw your new coach a bone while bringing in a good leader: A

Sessions is having an off year, to put it lightly. He is somehow shooting 21.4% from three, and 36.3% from two. The good news for Washington: those numbers are unsustainably terrible. On his career, he is 9.0 and 8.6 points better, respectively. At only 28 years-old–and more than a decade younger than his replacement–he is likely due for some regression to the mean. Worst case scenario, next year he is a $2.2m expiring contract you can send to Philly/Boston/etc. with a future second round pick. Not much risk here with some hope of reviving the career of a guy who was a double-digit scorer as recently as last season: B+

**All stats/salary/research from, unless otherwise noted**


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