Minnesota gives up on Thad Young Project, brings KG home

MINNESOTA receives: Kevin Garnett
BROOKLYN receives: Thaddeus Young

I don’t get it. At all. Even when the Timberwolves swung their only successful trade of the last decade this summer and landed Andrew Wiggins, they decided to couple it with a confusing-at-the-time deal to send Miami’s 2015 first round pick to Philadelphia for likely one year of Thaddeus Young. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Thad. I think he’s a good player and a great person, but that roster wasn’t going anywhere in this year’s West. What’s the rush to lose a first round pick that’s only top-10 protected for two years then unprotected in 2017? Especially one from a team that just lost the best player in the world and was replacing him with the likes of Danny Granger, Luol Deng, and Josh McRoberts? Granted they started clicking after signing the Iowa Energy’s own Hassan Whiteside, the feel-good story of the season, but no one saw that coming in the off-season. Back to the more recent trade: perhaps Minnesota thinks Thad will opt-out, knows their season is over, and understands the concept of a sunk-cost. Now they want to do something for their fans, so they bring back the best T-wolf of all time. Give the younger generations a chance to see KG play in the Minnesota black! It’s a nostalgia play. Maybe they want a strong, positive force in the locker room. Someone that will make the young, very talented roster want to win. Need to win. And KG is just the guy to do that. I am not opposed to bringing KG back to Minnesota, but I am opposed to the cost. Thad Young is a much better basketball player in 2015, and has a cheaper contract. I think they could have gotten him for less (or waited until the off-season and given up nothing): D+

The Nets are screwed. And it’s unfortunate. Bought by a Russian billionaire who had more interest in the Brooklyn land surrounding the arena than the team itself, he decides to go all-in for the 4 years he’s going to own the team. So he and Billy King combine to make some of the dumbest, near-sighted trades in my lifetime, mortgaging the team’s future for a slim chance to win now. The Stepien Rule (states that a team can’t trade it’s own consecutive first round picks) was meant to help teams recover from selfishness like this, but Nets fans won’t be so lucky. The Nets have traded or agreed to swap picks first round picks every year until 2019. They can’t even blow this up and tank if they wanted to! So now they’re stuck making middling trades with the few assets they still have (which Kevin Garnett apparently was) to moderately improve, hoping a free agent looking for a huge media marks sees the Nets as being slightly better than the Knicks (who own their own pick this year–maybe Jahlil Okafor–and will have Carmelo Anthony next season). Better hope there’s some hipster free agents coming up (in two years) that really want to live in Brooklyn. I’m not sure what other chance you got. Luckily that corresponds with the NBA’s new TV deal: B-

**All stats/salary/research from Basketball-Reference.com, unless otherwise noted**


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